The farmer’s companion, from seed to profit.

Our Story

Seedbank is a smallholder farmer’s interest focused firm providing farmers with quality seeds from reputable seed companies and offering quality education (extension) on growing instructions from planting to harvesting to ensure great yield.

We are developing this initiative (SEEDBANK) focusing on seed because we understand how important quality seed is to sustenance of life. When seed fails, farmers fail and human existence increasingly at risk. We are focusing on seed because it has no alternative, while farmers can substitute in-organic fertilizers with organic ones that are more climate friendly.

The impacts of climate change are increasing drought, pest prevalence and consequently reducing farmer’s yield. While researchers are moving swiftly to develop solutions such as drought resistant seed varieties and solutions to combat pest prevalence, it remains sad that high numbers of farmers in remote villages are either unaware and or unable to afford these hybrid seeds. Read more

Our SDG Goals