About Us

Seedbank (a subsidiary of FOODDATA NG – fooddata.com.ng) is a smallholder farmer’s interest focused firm providing farmers with quality inputs and access to farm machines, offering quality education (extension) on growing instructions from planting to harvesting to ensure great yield as well as creating better market access and channels for their harvest.

Input & mechanization supports

Food security

Climate change

Smallholder farmers

agro-weather information

Farmer’s cooperatives

Extension & Advisory support

rural economY development

Why Extension?

It is a common knowledge that the poor attention received by the agricultural sector in Nigeria is taking one of it’s biggest toll on Extension delivery service. After the world bank stopped funding ADP- agricultural development projects in the country, the sector has remained grossly underfunded by the Nigerian government at both federal and state level. However, young people have excelled academically and practically, gaining insights and knowledge on emerging developments, techniques and solutions that qualify them to transfer useful knowledge to smallholder farmers who are so disconnected from these privileges. Our goal is to  offer free extension service to farmers and bridge an important gap that has been causing them losses. We are using both physical and digital means to achieve this to make it cost effective. 


  • Increase smallholder farmers access to quality seed irrespective of their location.
  • Educate farmers on best agronomic practices to achieve best yield under a climate change shift that is challenging their traditional knowledge.
  • Transferring research outcomes and emerging developments to farmers in more remote communities.
  • Help smallholder farmers scale amidst challenges imposed by covid 19 and climate challenge.
  • Encourage farmers to form and join cooperatives, to position them as stakeholders in decision making and policy designs and take advantage of interventions targeted at them.
  • Generate useful data that can be used to facilitate investment to help farmers, and to develop meaningful products and services along the value chain.